Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Day of School!

School has begun!  August 16, 2012
  Dallin 7th Grade!  
Likes his Ipod and Nook.  Is taking percussion, Keyboarding, CTE, Health, Math Honors, and Science.  loves TV And sweets!       

                              Brynlee 3rd grade! 
My Babe is growing to fast!  Likes Crafts and science. 
Teacher: Jason Niles.  Loves Cheese and shoes!  night before school she decided she needed a big goose egg for the first day and persedes to hit her head on the corner of a tv stand!  Instant goose egg and bruise! 
Had to put these shoes in here so we didn't forget!  They are pretty snazzy!  :)
          Steph :)

Tricky Camera Photos!

Just some fun random tramp photos of the kids.

These pictures just give me the giggles!  I Think they are sooo hilarious and show their personalities!  Dallin tends to disagree with me on the personalities thing.  But Brynlee is DEFINITELY a big SPAZ!!!!!!  Dallin doesnt think he is "boring"  which wasn't what I was thinking when I thought of their personalities! "(and no photoshopping has been done on these pics!)

The "8" Billy Goats Gruff

So about a month ago Dallin and I were sitting at the bar in the kitchen and heard someone or "something" climbing the steps to our deck.  When we looked out there was a goat on our deck drinking the water from the rain the night before.  HOLY COW!  we looked out and saw more goats chowing down on the weeds under the tramp!  Thus began our morning of chasing goats with the neighbors and corraling them while trying to find who or where they belonged!  Turned out to be quite a morning!

We sure live in a great neighborhood! never a dull moment!  :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spelling Bee

Brynlee and the bee.......Spelling bee that is!

Brynlee was in the school spelling bee a week ago and did quite well!  The funny thing was, she told her teacher she didn't want to do the class spelling bee and then she ended up winning and moving on to the school spelling bee.  They divide the ages up 1st- 3rd Grades and 4th - 5th grades.  So after she won her class "bee",  we wore ourselves out studying and practicing the words!  Then came the dreaded day of the school spelling bee.  I don't know who was more nervous; Brynlee or me!  (it's a mom's perogative).  Anyway, Brynlees first word was "MEDIOCRE".  The whole audience gasped!  She spelled it right!!!  After she had spelled the word the principal told the audience to "please hold their gasps"!:)  She made it through 4 rounds and came out in 7th place for the school out of all the 1st - 3rd graders!  I was Quite proud of her and she was rather sad!  She wanted to Win a trophy!  Well, who can blame her!!!!!!


So yesterday we decided to get out of town and go to where it was warm!  So we headed down to St. George and met up with Dave's sister and 2 of her daughters and went and hiked to the Temple Quarry.  Dave thought it was where they hauled out the sandstone to build the temple but it was the Lava rock they used for the foundation!

We had a lot of fun and it was a gorgeous day to boot!  We sure do love hanging out with cousins!
Just some random shots of the drill holes in the lavastone.
just some fun shots of the kids!
We sure had a GREAT day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sister Friend

Today in Primary Sister Friend came for a visit.  She always has the best lessons prepared for Sharing Time and the kids LOVE to have her come.  Today she gave them pictures to create stick puppets.  Brynlee was so excited.  She came home and got her's done and then had to create a "puppet theatre"  to give the lesson for Family Home Evening with her stick puppets.  The story of 1 Nephi 17 (Nephi building a ship)
She worked on preparing her lesson all afternoon.  I think we're in for quite a treat tomorrow!

I'm back! I guess maybe now that I have a camera I ought to start blogging again. Lots of time has past and so I might have to do an up-to-date post but that will have to wait for now. The kids have grown and I can't believe a month from today Bryn will be 8 and getting baptized. Crazy how fast they grow.

After years of fighting it, I finally consented to family pictures. One thing I truly dread. Not because I don't want to have memories of the kids but just because I don't want to have to look at me! Kinda selfish huh! So, we recruited my sweet sister-in-law, Dana to take our pictures for us and I think she did a pretty great job. What do ya think?

Aren't my kids soo cute!! Sure do love them!

I'm going to have to visit with my blogger friends and get some lessons on this stuff. Not very good and kinda boring don't ya think!!! :)